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Why Join The K9 Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse was established as a way to provide a higher-level of canine care, by creating an enriching environment for you pup to learn, grow, and socialize with other dogs. Our on-site certified dog trainers ensure proper care and training that adjusts to your dog's own unique personality and play-style.


Our team is professionally ceritifed so you know your dog is in safe hands (which give plenty of treats!)

Fear free handling

We utilize industry proven handling and care techniques that prevent fear, anxiety, and stress for your pet


Our team has more than 40 years of collective experience in the animal welfare industry


We are committed to educating and bettering our local animal community through outreach and connection

Clubhouse Members
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Training Sessions
Community Classes

Clubhouse Services

Clubhouse Canine Boarding $ 95 a day
  • Full day regimen
  • Drop-off at K9 Clubhouse or scheduled location
  • Certified and experienced handlers
  • Stress free handling
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In-Home Canine Boarding $ 110 a day
  • Full day regimen
  • Clubhouse staff dog/house sit
  • Certified and experienced handlers
  • Stress free handling
  • Inquire for additional cat sitting
  • Multi-dog household discount available
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Canine Training $ TBD / client
  • Individual and group training available
  • Certified trainer led session
  • Themed training schedule
  • Dog social enrichment and interaction
  • Homework and practice
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What Our Clients Say!

Meet The Clubhouse Team

Mateo Mussa,

Dog Care Supervisor

With over 11 years of experience in pet-care and animal welfare Mateo works to enrich the lives of pets in his community, each and every day.

Kassie Dickson,

Certified Dog Trainer

A renown dog behavioural trainer who has worked with a wide range of species across all of Ontario. With a background in police, competitive sport, and domestic canine training.

Chandru Gopalakrishnan,

Certified Dog Trainer

An experienced shelter and rescue trainer who embodies the philosophy of letting dogs be dogs, through positive play and safe space socialization.

Ramya Sounthararasa,

Dog Care Specialist

A multidisciplinary animal handler and healthcare professional, specializing in stress and anxiety free canine compassion.

Alex McAvoy,

Designer & photographer

An expert of multimedia design and a top pet photographer. All photos on the website are taken by him.

Have questions? We have answers!

  1. A collar, leash, and/or harness that your dog is comfortable with. We will not accept prong collars
  2. Treats or chews, especially if your pet has any dietary restrictions
  3. Any medication if it is required during their stay
  4. 1-2 toys if you wish but don't worry, we have plenty here!
  5. Any kibble or food if they require a meal during their stay
  1. Dietary restrictions
  2. Medications, injuries, or health concerns
  3. Behaviour concerns (eg. scared with new people, does not like head pets, etc)
  4. Socializing resitrctions (eg. only plays with larger dogs, does not like men, etc)
  1. Training 101: how to sit, stay, come, and more
  2. Leash and manners: how to go on walks
  3. Behaviour: help with specific behaviours
  4. Socializing: how to make human/dog friends
  5. Competition: specialized tricks and training

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